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Comprehensive Disk Drill Review for Mac & Windows

Comprehensive Disk Drill Review for Mac & Windows

Whether you’re a professional dealing with large amounts of data or just a regular user who has accidentally deleted important files, data recovery becomes crucial. In recent times, I’ve had the opportunity to use Disk Drill on both Mac and Windows platforms to recover lost data effectively. This article will provide an extensive review of Disk Drill, focusing on its functionality, ease of use, and effectiveness, derived from my personal experiences. We will also discuss common scenarios where Disk Drill could be a lifesaver and provide step-by-step guides on using this tool effectively.


Common Scenarios:

Accidental Deletion of Files 🗑

  • One of the most common reasons for using data recovery software like Disk Drill is the accidental deletion of important files. Whether it’s documents, photos, or videos, Disk Drill helps retrieve them efficiently.
  • While using my Windows PC, I accidentally deleted a folder containing important work documents. Thankfully, Disk Drill managed to scan and recover the entire folder without any hassle.
  • Its intuitive interface and powerful scanning algorithm make it easy to restore accidentally deleted files.

System Crashes 🖥

  • System crashes can result in significant data loss, often requiring the use of reliable data recovery software. Disk Drill excels in this area with its comprehensive recovery features.
  • During a recent project on my Mac, the system suddenly crashed, and I feared losing days of hard work. Disk Drill’s deep scan recovered most of the lost files, saving me from a major setback.
  • The software supports various file types and partitions, which adds to its versatility.

Corrupted Hard Drives 💽

  • A corrupted hard drive can make data inaccessible, posing a huge challenge. Disk Drill comes to the rescue with its efficient recovery solutions for corrupted storage media.
  • Last month, my external hard drive got corrupted, and I couldn’t access any files. Using Disk Drill, I was able to scan the drive and recover almost 90% of the data, which was a huge relief.
  • Its capability to handle various storage devices is particularly impressive.

Step-by-Step Guide. Disk Drill Review For Mac & Windows:

Method 1: Recovering Deleted Files 🗑

  • Download and install Disk Drill from the official website.
  • Launch the software and select the drive or partition where the files were deleted.
  • Click on the ‘Recover’ button, and Disk Drill will start scanning for deleted files.
  • Preview the found files and select the ones you want to recover.
  • Save the recovered files to a different drive or partition to avoid overwriting.

Note: Always avoid installing Disk Drill on the same drive where you lost data to prevent potential data overwrite.

Conclusion: This method shows how straightforward it is for recovering accidentally deleted files using Disk Drill.

Method 2: Recovering from System Crashes 🖥

  • After a system crash, reboot your computer and download Disk Drill.
  • Open Disk Drill and select the system drive where the crash occurred.
  • Click on the ‘Recover’ button and let it perform a deep scan.
  • Review the recovered files and save them to a secure location.

Note: Deep scan may take longer but it is more thorough and effective.

Conclusion: Recovering data after a system crash is much simpler with Disk Drill’s comprehensive scan features.

Method 3: Handling Corrupted Hard Drives 💽

  • Connect the corrupted hard drive to your computer.
  • Open Disk Drill and select the corrupted hard drive from the list of devices.
  • Start the scanning process by clicking the ‘Recover’ button.
  • Once the scan is complete, preview and select the files you need to recover.
  • Save these files to another storage device to ensure they are safe.

Note: Always ensure that the recovered files are saved to a different storage media to avoid further corruption.

Conclusion: Disk Drill provides an effective solution for recovering data from corrupted hard drives.

Method 4: Partition Recovery 🔄

  • Install and launch Disk Drill on your system.
  • Select the drive with the lost partition.
  • Click on the ‘Recover’ button to start the scan for lost partitions.
  • Review the recovered partitions and save them to your preferred location.

Note: Partition recovery might take longer due to the large amount of data involved.

Conclusion: Disk Drill simplifies the complex process of partition recovery, making it accessible for all users.

Method 5: Recovering Data from USB Drives 🔌

  • Insert the USB drive into your computer.
  • Launch Disk Drill and select the USB drive.
  • Click ‘Recover’ and let the software scan your USB drive for lost data.
  • Select and preview the files you wish to recover.
  • Save the recovered files to a secure location.

Note: Make sure to safely eject the USB drive after recovering your data to prevent corruption.

Conclusion: Disk Drill’s versatility extends to recovering data from various external devices, including USB drives.

Method 6: Recovering Data from SD Cards 📸

  • Insert the SD card into your computer’s card reader.
  • Open Disk Drill and select the SD card from the list of available devices.
  • Start the scan by clicking the ‘Recover’ button.
  • Preview and choose the files you want to recover.
  • Save the recovered files to another storage media.

Note: Always write-protect your SD card before using it to recover data to prevent accidental overwriting.

Conclusion: Disk Drill effectively recovers data from SD cards, making it a handy tool for photographers and other professionals.


Precautions and Tips:

Safe Data Recovery Practices 🚫

  • Always save recovered files to a different drive to avoid overwriting the lost data. This ensures the integrity of the recovery process and prevents additional data loss.
  • Regularly backup your data to minimize the need for recovery tools.
  • Consider using data recovery software immediately after noticing data loss to increase the chances of successful recovery.

Optimum Use of Disk Drill ⚙

  • Explore Disk Drill’s features like ‘Recovery Vault’ and ‘Guaranteed Recovery’ to protect your data proactively.
  • Take advantage of Disk Drill’s ability to preview recoverable files to ensure you are recovering the right data.
  • Use deep scan for thorough recovery when dealing with severe data loss scenarios.

Extended Insights

Disk Drill by CleverFiles has gained a reputation as one of the most reliable and user-friendly data recovery tools for both Mac and Windows users. The toolkit supports all major file systems, including NTFS, FAT32, EXT, HFS+, and APFS, making it a versatile choice for various recovery scenarios. Its ability to handle different types of storage media—from hard drives to USB drives and SD cards—further enhances its utility.

Disk Drill offers several advanced features that can suit both novice and experienced users. One of the standout features is the ‘Recovery Vault’. This tool keeps a record of deleted files, making it easier to recover them if they are accidentally deleted. Another significant feature is the ‘Guaranteed Recovery’, which retains copies of files moved to Recovery Bin. These features act as preventive measures, ensuring that you have multiple layers of data protection.

According to PCMag, Disk Drill scores high on ease of use, due to its intuitive interface. The magazine highlights the extensive file format support and efficient scanning algorithms as key advantages. CNET, another high-authority site, praises Disk Drill for its speed and reliability, making it a top pick for data recovery software.

Additionally, the software offers a trial version that allows users to test out its basic functionalities before making a purchase. This feature makes it accessible for individuals who may not be ready to invest in a full version immediately but need a reliable solution to recover their lost data.

Disk Drill‘s support team is another noteworthy aspect, providing prompt and helpful assistance, which is particularly useful in data recovery scenarios that might be overwhelming for some users. Users can find multiple tutorials and guides on the official website, enhancing the usability of the software further.


In conclusion, Disk Drill stands out as an effective and versatile data recovery tool for both Mac and Windows users. Its user-friendly interface and powerful recovery algorithms make it an excellent choice for recovering lost data from various storage media. Whether you’re dealing with accidental deletions, system crashes, or corrupted drives, Disk Drill provides reliable solutions to get your data back. Incorporating preventive features like ‘Recovery Vault’ and ‘Guaranteed Recovery’ adds additional layers of security for your data. For more information, you can also check out Reddit Data Recovery Review where users share their personal experiences and insights on using Disk Drill.

Reddit discusses Disk Drill Review for Mac, covering pros and cons, expert feedback, installation guide, and scanning process details.



Disk Drill is highly efficient at recovering deleted files on both Mac and Windows. Its deep scan mode recovers files even after a comprehensive data loss scenario.

Yes, Disk Drill offers a straightforward interface suitable for beginners with clear instructions, making the recovery process simple and accessible.

It supports multiple file systems like NTFS, FAT32, HFS+, and EXT, providing flexibility across different storage devices. For more details, visit the official website.

Disk Drill uses deep scanning algorithms to locate lost files with high accuracy and efficiency. It supports recovery of documents, photos, videos, and more.

While the core functionality remains consistent, the Mac version includes additional features like data protection and partition recovery options that are tailored to macOS.

Disk Drill offers a free version with limited recovery capabilities. Users can upgrade to a paid version for advanced features and higher recovery quotas.

It offers both subscription and one-time purchase options. For specific pricing, visit their pricing page.

Yes, customer support is provided through email and live chat. They also have comprehensive documentation and tutorials for troubleshooting.

Disk Drill is capable of recovering data from corrupted or damaged drives, utilizing advanced algorithms to retrieve files from seemingly irrecoverable conditions.

Yes, it includes data protection tools like Recovery Vault and Guaranteed Recovery to safeguard against data loss. Users can enable these features to protect their important files.